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About KAC
The Korean American Coalition

KAC was founded in 1983 in Los Angeles, California, as a nonprofit service, education, and advocacy organization that facilitates the Korean American community's participation in civic, legislative, and community affairs. Today, KAC has grown into a national organization with membership chapters in several cities along the West Coast, Alaska, and Hawaii, and affiliate organizations on the East Coast. With over a dozen full-time staff and a large base of volunteers, KAC provides a variety of direct and indirect services to the fast growing Korean American communities across the nation.

In January 2001, the Virginia-based Korean American Alliance (KAA) began operating as the official KAC Washington, D.C. Area Chapter(KAC-DC) to serve the interests of the local Korean American communities in Maryland, Virginia and the District.
The Korean American Coalition
Mission Statement

The Korean American Coalition (KAC) is a non-profit, non-partisan, community advocacy organization. Established in 1983, KAC's mission is to facilitate the Korean American community's participation in civic, legislative, and community affairs, encouraging the community to contribute to and become an integral part of American society.

The Korean American Coalition
Washington, D.C. Area Chapter
Objectives Statement

KAC-DC objectives in the following areas:

• To promote civic participation by Korean Americans in the Greater Washington, DC area by informing them of the procedures, issues and policies essential to facilitating suffrage and active citizenry.
• To be an effective advocate for the Korean American community by articulating community concerns and interests.
• To promote and advocate the civil and civic rights interests of Korean Americans, increasing civic and legislative awareness and the general social consciousness of the Korean American community.

• To identify, comment and actively pursue grassroots participation on legislative issues affecting Korean American communities on the local, state and federal levels of government.
• To enhance the organization’s standing with local government and elected officials that have an interest in the Korean-American community.

• To increase public awareness of Korean culture with individuals and organizations in the Greater Washington, DC area.

• To develop and implement leadership programs encouraging Korean Americans to become capable leaders in society.
• To develop future leaders and inform other community groups and the general public about cultural and ethnic issues facing Korean-Americans today.

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